Nicole Sollberger, Esq.

Founder & Managing Attorney, SELENIC LAW


Nicole is an accomplished entertainment attorney with extensive experience acting as legal counsel to Fortune 100 companies, multi-platinum recording artists, and some of the world’s most valuable brands.  Nicole has been published in Billboard, cited by the Recording Industry Association of America, and quoted in the N. Y. Times.  She holds a J.D. from UCLA School of Law, and a B.A. in Communication Studies and Music Industry from the University of Southern California.  Prior to forming SELENIC, Nicole acted as in-house counsel in the Programming Group at DISH Network/SlingTV, and was an associate at the top-ranked entertainment law firm, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, where she represented clients such as the Eagles, Red Bull and AT&T/DirecTV.

During her professional career, Nicole discovered the powerful self-healing tool of astrology, and immediately began to analyze the "charts" of major successful and unsuccessful Initial Public Offerings.  Recognizing the massive potential for astrology to transform the corporate world, Nicole applied the excellence she has cultivated in the legal field to become a gifted evolutionary astrologer.

Nicole is also a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, poet, visual artist, and powerful public speaker.

Nicole’s mission is to challenge conventional wisdom and established norms, to inspire and counsel clients toward self-empowerment, and to raise the consciousness of the planet.

She can be contacted at

I was floored by her balance of grace and her power. The permission she gave herself to speak truth to power.  I love the rhythmic nature of her poetry and the unique way she plays with language. 

- H. J. 

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