Shepherds of the Light

What is this you carry with you?

And could you put it down?
It’s not sure from where you brought—and yours, I’m sure it’s not.

No, it can’t be sent with me—I have a story in the stead
A fairy tale, a fetching yarn, so rest your bones and rest your head.
The journey of a little bird, begins trapped in a cage;

by sickness, slumber, smarts, and wonder

Hiding in the dark
Nightmares brought a curse of thought

A Haunting of the Self

Fables told of broken home

You know it all too well
Girls grow older

boys much bolder

curiosities do peak

Boy seeks friction, she some feeling

lies told this is the way,

by sickness, slumber, cheapened under

Sheets within the dark
Her voice won’t speak of what she wants;

he thinks it’s all for play

The feeling’s got, not one she wants

Dirty and afraid
Leaves her body in the bed

not telling him her pain

Blocks her heart from finding his

Beating in the dark
Now he feels a twist of gut

Of what, he can’t explain

The years make clear she was in fear

Boy, conditioned to avoid; Girl, tangled in the shame

attention sought; thinks it’s her fault

Rage trickles down her veins

At family, programmed to teach

Not sex but only what they preach, in pervert factories.
He and she, now from two worlds, and words they can’t relate

For when you do not care for you, a monstrous man you shape.

You see, my dears, there something here, for you to understand—

Reckless selves make reckless others, no vic or perp to blame

Confused, reliving parent’s drama, expensed against another’s trauma.

Until one day someone said to her…

These things happen for, not to, you girl

Your story’s old, there’s space no more,

to store their memories in your wells.

It’s in the strife that makes this life

So I need for you to see

Those vicious cycles borne to you and how to set them free.

For from the wreckage leaders come

Grateful for the war

If only you can weld, survival into thrive; alchemize and paint, a new plan for your life.

The power’s shifted,

change is near,

and time we can’t afford—

for us to be, subconsciously

Stuck within the dark.

So I ask you now to bridge the gap

Let man and woman speak

Just how it felt to stir and stew

lust within the hate; putrefy and store inside,

words too crude to taste

Rewrite faults of His story

And tell each other dreams

of norms reformed, lessons learned,

and how you wish to be

Brought in from the dark.

Remember when, we loved our men

and masculinity

meant consciousness and care to take

a woman in his arms—
containers for

us to explore

the depth that is inside.

Women—it seems we have forgot—

as femininity we hold the key, to softening the thought.

You call it burden, not fair, unbalanced

but whom else have we got?

To lead us from the dark.

You, your own sweet formula. Somehow stuck within the facts.

Let those pass right through you

Be the Equation, not the acts.

So let this go, make room to know, the stars within your map

Of how together we may bring, a healing of our path.

Where is it you want to go? The course you must steer right.

For you, my darlings, are the world—

The shepherds of the light.

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