Madame Elephante

Madame Elephante came to me this morning.
I asked,
how could I help her?

She said,
you must

I asked her,
do you have to teach me?

She said – look at me.
I am larger than the rest. I can crush a man.
But I have let them trick me into thinking I am small.
And now I am a slave.

We all have scars.

Some will try to cover up,
some use shiny things to distract.

These ways will make you weak.

The other way
is to
and this will make you beauty.

Thank you,
Madame Elephante,
I said.

Just one more question –
Could you please tell me,
what this dream was about…

But Madame Elephante -
she is leaving, already
walking in the other direction.
Singing on her way,
The light, the light
the night makes the light…
the light.
The light, the light,
makes all things alright.

Her neck turns back toward me
grey saucer eyes see through
and she is walking with her “captor”
not sad,
as I once thought
No, she is walking, looking back
eyes full of mis-chief…
and away she trots.

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