Venus in Cancer 2020

On August 7, Venus moved into the sign of Cancer.  Venus has to do with the way that we relate.  To things, people, events, money…  This concludes Venus’ back and forth flight through the sign of Gemini, beginning in April.  

Gemini is a questioning and curious air sign.  And with weeks of retrograde thrown into the mix, the Venus in Gemini period presented us with a way of relating to our circumstances that was, frankly, all over the place - one of Gemini’s shadows, rather than merely curious, attempting to understand the message.

Now with Venus in Cancer, we have the opportunity to assimilate all of the information we have gleaned during the April to August time period, in order to assess and evaluate the way that we feel about our circumstances.  Venus in a water sign can be very fertile ground for creativity, and relating on a deeper, rather than merely intellectual or theoretical, level.  

However, as she approaches the Capricorn stellium of planets representing the dramatic events of 2020 (which will occur around August 25 - September 2), the pressure cooker will be turned up on our interpersonal relationships.  

There will be equal drives to expand and play, as well as contract and separate, combined with skepticism and intensity.  This will be a time when you can no longer ignore the problems in your marriage or other important partnerships.   

There is also the possibility for heightened violence against women, which has already been accelerating at alarming rates during the lockdown.  This will be amplified by Venus’ square to Mars, the God of War, on September 4.  

As always with astrology, it is best to consciously address these issues at the forefront, rather than waiting for the chart to erupt and force us to deal with those areas of our lives that we have put on the back burner.  

Artwork by @astroccult