The Wait of It All

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.

- Carlos Castañeda

Throughout history, many civilizations and spiritual traditions have feared and revered solar eclipses as the moon’s darkness engulfs the otherwise vital and life-sustaining sun.  Rather than going outside to gawk, drink, or party, these were (and still are for many) times to be indoors, meditate, and partake in rituals of devotion and respect.  The juxtaposition of these two imageries of humanity – one of indulgence, contrasted with one of reverence, in response to nature’s phenomena, feels poignant at this moment in history.

Eclipses are portals.  They open and close – events, patterns, behaviors, timelines, relationships.  If you take the time to reflect upon a list of eclipse dates occurring during your lifetime, chances are you will discover major life events having transpired within a day or two.  By becoming conscious of the innate power of these potent events, we can then use the energy to make positive and long-lasting changes in our lives.    

June 21’s Annular Solar Eclipse occurs together with the New Moon in Cancer.  Annular (not annual) derives from the Latin “annulus”, meaning “little ring”.  This refers to the ring of light which appears to surround the dark side of the moon as it sits between us and the Sun.

Thus, as with any solar eclipse, our attention is brought away from the Sun, the Ra, yang energy, and toward the yin, our emotional body, the Cosmic Mother.  From outward-directed action to inward reflection.  From future to past.  Doing to feeling.

There are plenty of articles making correlations between the “ring of fire” and the corona, and making predictions based upon the eclipse cycles.  But I would like to bring the focus back in.  Home.  What does this word mean to us?  It is as though we have completely forgotten that the ultimate home for this human experience is the great Mother Earth.  How would we feel if a guest whom we invited into our house treated us the way we treat her?

We know Cancer is the archetype of the Mother, the Healer, and is associated with the Home.  But a lesser-known archetype may be the Invisible Woman (or Man)…  Why?  Cancer’s evolutionary endpoint is to feel everything that life on this Earth has to offer – the love, the tragedy, the peril, the fear, the pain, the guilt, the shame, the joy, the intoxication, the absolute endless and unfathomable ride and tide of emotions that is the human experience –  to feel into each and every inch of that beloved journey all the way to the bottom of her soul and into her bones; to touch it, to taste it, sense it, be it, and yet, in the same moment, to not be unreservedly destroyed by the profound weight of it all.  To comprehend the absolute impermanence of everything, and yet to dive in fully and completely, knowing that this world will break her heart ten times over, but oh, will it be worth it.

Our perspective is shifting.  We are waking up to life beyond our individual experiences.  We will soon recognize that every action has a reaction.  Every single thought, every decision we make, has an impact, whether witnessed or not (perhaps even more in this case).  As this awakening unfolds, can we sit fully in the discomfort of comprehending, not understanding on an intellectual level, but actually feeling, truly feeling, what we have done – to ourselves, to our Mother, to each other, and experienced at the hands of another, and not indulge in the urge to fix, make right, fight, talk over, or distract?  Do we have the self-discipline to allow the hideously painful and magnificent alchemy of trauma-healing to unfold without judgment?  Can we heal?

Artwork by @astroccult.