The Sun Is a Lonely Star

New Moon in Leo

“The Sun is such a lonely star. Whenever he comes out to see his friends, they all disappear.”
― Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“They say that the Lion of Nemea fell from the moon (selene).” (Aelian, On Animals.)  This fact concerning the Lion points us to his purpose within our own evolutionary journeys.  We arrive at Leo as a response to Cancer, ruled by the moon and concerned with deep inner work, having assimilated into her waters all of the information gleaned by curious Gemini.  She is cozy and tucked away in her shell, knows fully and well who and what she is, where “I” end and where “you” begin.  The emotional bath of tears has cleansed and prepared her to reemerge into the World.  Water has set the stage for Fire.

And to where does Leo lead us?  Virgo.  As the last stage of evolution prior to touching the “other” through Libra, Virgo begins analyzing, prepping, and crafting the standards and expectations by which she imagines others may operate and benefit.  Future-oriented, whereas the Crab is backward-looking.

But Leo stands right in the middle.  In the present.  It is easy for us to discuss and relate to all of the fun and superficial qualities we love about Leo.  Leos are, indeed, the life of the party.  Joyful, bold, beautiful.  But the Moon requests that we dig a bit deeper.  

Minding our cue from her, it is helpful to first turn our attention to the past.  Often those with strong Leo qualities are met fairly early in life with parental ambivalence regarding their own inherent specialness.  One or both authorities may be threatened, reducing and inducing the child to downplay his or her giftedness.  On the other hand, the Leo qualities may be over-emphasized such that the child is not permitted to be or become anything other than the persona of gifted child.  In essence, no space to become human.

This impossible dilemma is readily recreated on a grand scale.  We love to worship the idols of celebrity, power, and status.  We eagerly consume media that glorifies the violent decimation of life in the selfish pursuit of dominion and control realized through special talent.  At the same time, there is a sweeping trend toward “cancel culture,” and the condemnation and calling out of narcissistic behavior.  We promote individuals to demi-god status when they perform the extraordinary, and shame and destroy them when it appears they possess any semblance of ordinary.  We are triggered by their selfish one-dimensional pursuit of perfected performance in exchange for our accolades, because we ourselves have forgotten to do our own inner work.

I have sometimes wondered if the greatest desire of man is to be known and loved anyway. - Donald Miller

We revel in tearing down the egoic structures of other because somewhere within each of us lies a true self that desires to destroy our own curated persona, and become accepted for what it is that remains.  And the sharing of that genuine self, of our unique and beautiful hearts, our spontaneous joy and creativity, is the real evolutionary endpoint of Leo.  Not contrived attention-seeking, but authentic self-expression.  And it feels good!  Oh, so good.  The selfishness inherent in that is a necessary step in our personal development.  Without it, how do we know who we truly are?  How could we reach the next stage, Virgo, wherein we refine ourselves, our offering to the world, without first knowing what that is?  And what that is can only be borne of the present moment, from the state of total being and acceptance within ourselves, without anticipation of feedback, praise or criticism.

“You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.” ― Shaun Hick

Our success or failure in this endeavor is in part dependent upon the degree to which we previously embraced the gritty work of Cancer.  Have we built our house upon a stable, knowing, and deep inner foundation, or a faulty set of sticks on the sand?

The New Moon in Leo conjoins the Sun on the evening of August 18, in close orb with Mercury.  When the Sun rises, it blinds us to the rest of the archetypal material floating within the cosmos.  But by Mercury’s careful assistance, we are able to weave in those obstructed parts of ourselves to whatever we deliver onto the stage.  During the period we are under influence of this New Moon in Leo (until the New Moon in Virgo on September 17), utilize the solar, lunar and mercurial energy to zealously pursue and share whatever makes you happy, the stuff that causes you to light up.  And never forget to give yourself the space to become human.

 This article first appeared in AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  Click here to download the entire LEO issue.  Artwork by @astroccult.