Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, as God of the Underworld, is here to bring destruction to the forms we create upon the Earth as living human beings.  In the realm of the dead and unseen, material possessions, the identity, the stories, of our earthly existence no longer matter.  Pluto makes the unseen seen.  He confronts us with those parts of ourselves, individually and collectively, at which we do not wish to look.  They look ugly, decayed, rotten.  This is a step in the alchemical process and a sort of soul reclamation.  In fact, Pluto means “The Wealthy One” or the “Giver of Wealth”.

Where does Pluto sit now?  He is digging through the Capricornian graveyard.  He is raising the dead, the ghosts of the past, for our own self-confrontation.

The Mind associates Capricorn with man-made law, structure, boundaries, my land, your land, things I “should” do, and will do because I said I would do it.  

What does Pluto want us to see from his time ripping through the blanket of the Capricornian sky?  To remember the formless nature of Capricorn.  Capricorn, for all of its masculine-seeming traits, is actually a feminine sign.  Wo-man contains man. S-he contains he.  The Universe card in the Tarot.  

What is the message?  To remember ourselves.  That is always the message with Pluto.  To reclaim lost soul parts and reintegrate them into the whole.  Become Wealthy.  And generally this is only done through pain and suffering.  The collective structure of the ego archetype of Capricorn has brought us to this collective insanity.  

Let us remember the more feminine nature of this sign.  The Sea Goat.  Why the Sea Goat?  It lives on land and of the sea.  It is form and formlessness one in the same.  Depth and surface.  Water, Earth.  These two elements come together as the ultimate container.  They encompass the form of the Earth.  

We must remember that the purpose of Capricorn is to manifest the infinite onto the earth plane of existence.  To align our heart, our soul’s purpose with the outward expression of form.  This is why Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, representing a pivotal step in the human experience.  When we have manifested GOD into the physical, we have been delivered.  “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever..”

Artwork by @astroccult