Chiron Retrograde in Aries

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

Many astrologer enthusiasts are familiar with the archetype of Chiron as the “wounded healer”.  But what does this really mean?

Chiron is a Centaur, which, in astronomical terms, is a small solar system body that was pulled into orbit between the inner and outer planets by the gravitational force of Neptune.  This tells us something about the meaning of Chiron in astrological terms.  Chiron can be seen as a go-between from the outer planets which are intimately tied in with our collective consciousness and subconsciousness, to the visible inner, personal planets.

Centaurs in mythological terms are half man, half horse.  In this way, centaurs are mythological go-betweens as well – bridging intellect with nature.  Chiron is unique among the other centaurs as having two human legs and two horse legs, rather than all four horse legs, making him more man than beast.  He was revered as the wisest and kindest of the all the centaurs, and more civilized than his beastly brethren. 

Chiron instructed almost every great hero throughout Western mythology, and as such, we can learn something about his function in our own lives.  Where Chiron is placed in the natal chart, we may feel like something is lacking, as though we are missing some key ingredient needed to move forward on our journey.  One of the key phases of the hero’s journey is the meeting with a mentor who will give us something we need, something without which we could not journey on to the next phase.  This thing could be a treasured physical object, wise counsel, or a self-confidence boost.  Oftentimes, it is a process of re-membering (as opposed to dis-membering) who we really are, and re-integrating those abandoned parts of ourselves in order to heal and move forward.

On July 11, Chiron will turn retrograde in the sign of Aries.  This retrograde period lasting until December 15 presents us with an opportunity to examine what is and is not working with respect to our own hero’s journeys.  To take an introspective dive into the battles we are fighting, and reassess both the means and the cause.  The shadow side of Aries is the petty tyrant – one who battles for battle’s sake, rather than for something worthy of the fight.  The evolutionary aim of Aries is self-realization through courage, but it is the courage to take risks in the loyal protection of laudable ideals or on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves, not selfish or thoughtless quibbles or acts of violence.

The Cancer Ingress chart, used to forecast the events of the next three months until the Autumnal Equinox, places Chiron in the Sixth House of slaves, public health, and civil servants (police).  Sometimes astrology can be quite on the nose.  And the United States finds its natal Chiron in the sign of Aries opposite Saturn and square the Sun.  Thus, from the inception of the dream of the United States, it has been plagued by issues of the Father.  Oftentimes we vehemently fear becoming our parents, and attempt to run so far away that we find in the end we end up there despite all of our efforts.  The United States, having built its identity (as is reflected in the astrological chart) upon the ideals of freedom from tyranny of the father and self-authority, did so by violating and denying the lives, land, and rights of native and black people, allowing them to silently carry our wounds for us.  With this retrograde period, we are invited to allow those wounds to come up into our conscious awareness, for our brothers’ and sisters’ stories to be told, so that they may be re-integrated into the fabric of this country.  For without this crucial fold in the narrative of our hero’s journey, of learning from one another and healing together, we are handicapped in our ability to move forward to the next phase of our evolution.

This article first appeared in AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  Click here to download the entire CANCER issue.  Artwork by @astroccult.